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Gilbertie Paste Tomato

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Gilbertie Paste Tomato - An heirloom with long narrow fruits up to 7" and 10-12 oz. A distinguishing characteristic of this one is the green shoulders and a slight crook in the neck. Indeterminate.

Gilbertie paste tomato is marked with a strange cylindrical sausage-like shape with a green mouth and crooked neck. The fruit is marked with a stout fleshy content with a small seed cavity. It is a most coveted and favored gourmet addition to a kitchen.


The Gilbertie paste tomato variety is an heirloom variety and has been in production originating from Connecticut. Being an heirloom makes it better with each passing year of produce and better acclimatized to your garden and soil type. However, it requires fertile and well drained soil with consistent watering.


The fruit belonging to the lycopersicon esculantum is a warm season annual and requires full sun with cool nights. It usually grows about 6-7 inches in height and weighs over 10-12 oz. It requires 85 days approx. to mature to full bloom. As the name suggests, the fruit is much in demand because of its full flavor and meaty chunky content apt for using as pastes in curries, soups and sauces.

Benefits & Features

Gilbertie paste tomato is an old time favorite, enriched with a powerful flavor. Containing very small seed cavity gives it an extra edge for culinary requirements. Like other tomatoes, it contains good doses of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, vitamin K, vitamin B and many other essential nutrients while maintaining a zero fat content. The most essential of all is that it is high in antioxidants, getting rid of free radical bodies that are harmful internally. The juice of these tomatoes also helps in curing sunburns and is of great dermatological benefit to reduce the damage of aging and diseases.